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Food Intolerance Test : July 30 North Pharmacy

On 18/07/2015

What is the Food Intolerance Test used for?

This test allows you to determine the degree of tolerance that you have against 216 foods are classified into 20 groups (meat, fish , fruits, vegetables , sugar , cereals, etc.) and additives , minerals , preservatives and stimulants. The correct interpretation of the test can be very useful for the development of an adequate diet.

Proper nutrition , applying the results of Food Intolerance Test can help improve or reduce headaches , digestive problems , overweight, joint swelling, mood , etc.

What does the Food Intolerance Test consist of?

The test is painless and lasts 10 minutes. To perform the test, bioelectroresonancia is used and their results are valid as pre – diagnostics.

Once the results are obtained , the food-nutrition specialist evaluates with the patient for about 20 minutes , recommendations are offered and a diet is made if desired . The patient report will be the day of the completion of the test.

This test can not be performed : persons carrying pacemaker or ICD ( Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator ) , children under 3 years and pregnant women.

Prerequisites for the realization of food intolerance test :

Minimum 2 -hour fast prior to testing (you may drink water )

Not taking proton pump inhibitors at least 48 hours before the test.

On July 30 you will realizarte the Food Intolerance Test North Pharmacy.

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Pharmacy Norte is located in the north of San Pedro de Alcántara, Calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 64-66 (next to the Burger King and the entrance of the fair).

Our facilities, 300 square meters, have best selection of products and services for your health, wellness and beauty and your loved ones, whatever their ages.


Our pharmacy offers the widest range of services throughout San Pedro de Alcantara.

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Our actions are based on honesty, transparency and consistency.


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The pharmacy is very well located, entering San Pedro de Alcantara from the North. It’s on the way to both work and home and they always treat me very well. Congratulations!
- Nacho G.F., CEO X-Cart España


The most extended range of health services around San Pedro de Alcantara.

Pharmaceutical care

Our main goal is to improve the health of our patients and for this we help you resolve all issues related to medications: how to take them, side effects, interactions with other drugs or food … and everything you need.

Our team specializes in providing pharmaceutical care services, and among other things we offer:

  • Custom track your treatment.
  • Pharmaceutical Tips on proper use of each drug.
  • Custom Dosing Systems, mainly aimed at:
  • Polypharmacy patients
  • Elderly people living alone
  • Patients who depend on one or more caregivers
  • Etc …

With this service we want to:

  • Avoid confusion and involuntary intoxication.
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Reduce errors in taking medication
  • Improve patient management
  • Avoid handling problems and conservation of the drug

Nutrition and diet

Our nutrition & dietetics specialist will give your personalized advice on your diet and most appropriate treatment to lose weight.

We offer free development of personalized diets because each person is different and unique, this service includes:

  • Survey and initial study: a determination of the weight of the body and visceral fat,total % of water, body mass index (BMI), determination of blood pressure and other parameters for health care are performed
  • Weekly results followup

We have a wide variety of products to help you better achieve your goals.

Child care

We know how important your baby is for you, you will find everything you need for his care at so in Pharmacy Norte.We have a wide variety of products that can help you take care of your baby from the early days: food, hygiene, hydration, development …

Come by and let us help you solve all your doubts.


Cleanse, moisturize, protect, prevent and correct are the steps for a healthy and beautiful skin.

Have at your disposal at Pharmacy Norte a qualified professional service that will give you full and personalized advise on the most appropriate care products for keeping your skin radiant.

We have products from top brands (Skin Ceuticals, Caudalie, Vichy …) to keep your skin young and healthy.

Phytotherapy and Homeopathy

At Pharmacy Norte we have a wide range of products made from plants for those who rely on natural solutions, ideal for the prevention and treatment of various symptoms.

We also offer homeopathic products for the prevention and resolution of various health problems present across all ages (from babies to adults and our older).


We have a wide range of simple orthopedic products that will improve the quality of life for people with mobility problems, seniors, athletes …

At Pharmacy Norte you can request any orthopedic item you need, and we’ll help you solve all questions you may have.


You will find at Pharmacy Norte everything you need for your pet.

We offer our clients advice and all veterinary supplies they may need.

Health Kits

We have a variety of health kits:

  • Corporate kits
  • Home kits
  • Car kits
  • Travel kits
  • Sports, gym Kits,…

Laboratory Tests

Come to Pharmacy Norte to discover your levels of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides … within minutes, and get advice on how to lower those levels.


We are a team of Pharmacists, nutrition specialist & more...



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